Timeline and programme anniversary year

The program for the Disaster Year commemoration in 2022 will be published soon. This program broadly follows the historical timeline of the dramatic events in the Disaster Year 1672.

MarchFirst naval battle with England: start of hostilities in March 1672
AprilLouis XIV invades the Republic at the Maas
JuneNaval battle at Solebay
The French army crosses the Rhine at Lobith
Construction of the Old Dutch Waterline
JulyMunster and Cologne invade the Republic; fall of Coevorden
AugustGronings Liberation 1672
Murder of the De Witt brothers
OctoberBattle of the Kruipin (Woerden)
DecemberLuxembourg’s fieldtrip through Woerden, Nieuwkoop, Zwammerdam en Bodegraven
SpringDestruction Vechtstreek 1673
JuneLodewijk XIV conquers Maastricht
AugustBattle of Kijkduin/Texel
SeptemberLiberation of Naarden 1673                                                               
NovemberThe French army departs Utrecht
Franse wreedheid