Why this platform?

Since 2015, the province of South Holland has provided annual contributions for organizing a national commemoration of the 350-year anniversary of the Old Dutch Waterline 1672-2022. In 2018, consultation with a number of national theme organizations revealed that there is a need for a broader, nationally organized celebration and commemoration of the Disaster Year 1672.


Not only among these national organizations, but also among provinces and municipalities, there is interest in commemorating the Disaster Year. Some historical associations, cultural institutions such as museums and archives, and recreational entrepreneurs have even taken initiatives. The Platform for the Commemoration of the Disaster Year wants to offer a platform for all these initiatives, while at the same time providing a wide variety of information about the themes of the Disaster Year. The Platform also wants to connect and support the various organizations in programming and coordinating the various activities in the year of the 350-year anniversary.

In short: the Platform for the Commemoration of the Disaster Year offers:

  • information about the Disaster Year
  • promotion of the activities in the anniversary year 2022
  • a connection between several organisations
  • support in the coordination of the anniversary programme


Some provinces have indicated that they, together with other organisations, want to commemorate the Disaster Year. These include Groningen (KVVV/Gronings Ontzet), Utrecht, Zuid-Holland (Stichting Oude Hollandse Waterlinie), and Noord-Brabant (Zuiderwaterlinie Alliantie).

Some municipalities are interested as well, and also want to seize the opportunity to use the anniversary year 2022 to commemorate the First Free States Assembly in 1572 and the conquest of Den Briel by the Watergeuzen.

Furthermore, some national and regional organisations also have plans, including Vrienden van De Witt, Vereniging van Nederlandse Vestingsteden en Hoofdkwartier 1672.

Last but not least, there are museums, cultural institutions, publishers and tourist-recreational organizations that are interested, such as www.historizon.nl

All commemorative activities in 2022 can count on media interest. For example, NPO and Omroep Max have plans for a documentary series and www.maandvandegeschiedenis.nl has chosen the theme for 2022: Wat een ramp! (What a disaster!)

Taking into account the diversity of organizations and interests, a flexible organizational form was chosen to support the various activities: a platform organization.